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Human Shoes brings you an assortment of women's leather sneakers, designed to level up your style game and get maximum comfort. Our entire collection of leather sneakers for women features the best, on-trend footwear styles that will help you create a style statement. From chunky sole slip trainers to high top leather sneakers, we have everything for everyone. 

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Extensive Range of Women's Casual Leather Sneakers

Women’s leather sneakers are a casual, comfy alternative to flashy heels and other footwear. Leather sneakers are quite popular among individuals who want to go with the trend without sacrificing their comfort. In fact, sneaker footwear has a fashion following of its own! You can hop on this trend by updating your wardrobe by exploring our sneaker shoes collection.

Human Shoes stores an extensive range of ladies' casual leather sneakers in Australia. Our hand-picked selection features trending, stylish, and classic designs that are raging in the market. From classic leather sneakers to the latest high-top designs, you can find every unique sneaker design and style at Human Shoes. Whether you want a laid-back, footwear style or require an over-the-top shoe design, you can find every type of sneaker design here. Choose from classic colours or go for flashy shades with our sneaker range and make your outfit pop!

Discover a huge range of colours, textures, styles, and prints on any trendy or classic ladies' leather sneakers in Australia at Human Shoes.

Why Wear Sneaker Shoes?

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable boom in sneaker culture. With new shoe designs releasing every now and then, it is natural for ladies to hop onto this trend and add this stylish yet comfortable footwear piece to their wardrobes. Various iconic brands are coming up with the latest design that contributes to modern innovation in footwear. These brands are creating footwear that meets the needs and wants of individuals and serves both functional and stylish purposes. The constant innovation and trendy designs allow fashionistas to level up their fashion game and create their own style. No matter how beautiful shoes look, if they are uncomfortable or provide zero support to your feet, then it is a waste of money. Consequently, most individuals turn to leather sneakers for utmost comfort, optimal support, and chic style. Once you choose leather sneakers, there is no going back!

Human Shoes offer a range of footwear that combines style and comfort. From bold classic colour footwear to loud multiple colour shoes, you can find an extensive selection of designer leather sneakers suitable to your outfit or occasion. We strive to provide a comfortable piece of footwear that elevates your appearance and helps you keep up with the ever-changing footwear trends. 

Our chunky leather sneakers are perfect for any casual outing or when you want something more fashion-forward. Get an elongated appearance with any outfit by wearing a pair of white platform leather sneakers. High top leather sneakers go perfectly well with midi dresses and offer you an effortless summer look. You can modernise any outfit with a pair of fresh white leather sneakers!

How to Care for Sneakers

There's nothing more exciting than buying a new pair of sneakers from your favourite footwear brand. But what's heart-breaking is watching them being ruined because of cloudy and rainy weather or when someone spills some food on your brand new sneakers. Although sudden incidents are inevitable, you can ensure the longevity of your sneaker by performing timely care and maintenance. Most individuals think taking care of sneakers can be a challenging and time-consuming job. However, the reality is the opposite. Various products available are quite accessible and allow you to maintain the shine of your sneaker easily. Follow these tips to keep your sneaker squeaky clean and looking brand new.

  • One of the best ways to take care of your sneakers is by treating them well from the start. Ensuring zero stains or wrinkles will allow you to keep them in good condition. When you buy a new pair of sneakers, coat them well with shoe protectors. Such products provide excellent protection against external elements and keep your shoes looking brand new.
  • Always stuff your sneakers with scrunched up newspapers immediately after each wear. Newspapers can easily absorb moisture from the inside and ensure your shoes don't smell. Stuffing newspaper inside the sneaker will also help your kicks dry faster, thus reducing the funky smell. You also don't have to deal with toe creases in the future.
  • Apart from internal caring, ensure you store your brand new sneakers properly. One of the misconceptions about shoe storing - If footwear is kept inside a shoebox, nothing will happen to them. However, keeping your sneakers inside a shoebox doesn't mean they are stored properly. Always add a dryer sheet inside the shoes to keep them fresh and clean. You can also use other products designed to reduce footwear odour.
  • When buying new sneakers, you might feel like wearing them every day and show off your style statement. However, we suggest wearing them every alternate day. Wearing them often will keep the shoes from drying faster and increase the chances of rancid odour from the inside of the shoes.
  • Ditch the washing machine! Avoid using the washing machine to clean your sneakers as it may ruin the material texture and original appeal. Also, wash your laces from time to time. Simply soak them in a bowl of warm water mixed with washing detergent. You can consider buying a new pair of sneakers from Human Shoes to match your laces and change the overall look and feel.

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