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Top 5 Tips to Refresh Your Shoe Cabinet This Spring

Shoe Cabinet Tips


The wind has changed its course and it’s spring season again! Pack away your snow boots in the shoe storage and bring out your strappy heels. As the days get sunnier and flowers begin to bloom, you will want to spend more of your free time outside. 

If you’re going to have day outings and picnics in the park, then you need your flat sandals and slip-on sneakers within easy reach. This means re-organising your shoe cabinet as part of the spring cleaning in your home. 

In this blog, we look at some of the shoe styles you definitely want in your shoe closet for this spring. 

Flat Sandals 

Flats are stylish and versatile. From open-toed sandals to slip-on sandals, they are always chic and pretty. Be it grocery shopping or brunch with your friends, flat sandals can be worn on all days and occasions. As the bright sunny days make a comeback in the spring, it is time for flats to reclaim their place of honour in your shoe cabinet. 

Style Tip: Our Skylah sandals will be a perfect addition to your shoe spring collection. The zig-zag leather straps with a back zip closure make it comfortable and stylish at the same time. Pair it with jeans a tee-shirt or a maxi dress and look effortlessly chic. 

Raffia Sandals 

Spring is when nature takes a new birth, so it is obvious to choose footwear that’s considered natural and sustainable. Raffia shoes are made from hand-sewn natural fabric that comes from palm leaves.

These shoes are comfortable and give you a boho natural look. From slide-in sandals to wedges, raffia footwear comes in various styles. 

Style Tip: Our Rockley Natural Raffia strappy sandal gives you the perfect bohemian style for a casual date night. With espadrille ropes covering the sole and simple buckle closure, it is a comfy pair of shoes to add to your collection. 

Strappy Heels

As spring sets in, the change in the weather becomes most notable when ladies start stepping out in skirts and dresses along with strappy heels once more. From ankle straps to gladiator heels, from laced-up wedge heels to leather strap kitten heels, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

If your shoe storage has an old pair of heels, now is the time to bring them out and flaunt them. 

Style Tip: We bring a new twist to strappy heels with our Tango black leather sandals. Get the charm of fun and twisty strapped footwear without the discomfort of wearing heels.

Casual Sneakers 

Sneakers are the best type of women’s footwear - comfy, stylish, and durable. It allows you to walk for miles without discomfort and also lets you strike a stylish pose for your social media.

Sneakers are always in vogue, no matter what season it is. When refreshing your shoe cabinet, make ample space for your summer sneakers that are lightweight and breathable. 

Style Tip: Our Lexi sneakers are sleek and stylish and perfect for all occasions. Available in white, grey, blue and pink, they are suitable for a day in the office and a picnic in the park. 


Another footwear that offers comfort and style, espadrilles are the best way to put a fashionable foot forward. From wedges to flats to slip-ons, they come in a variety of styles. 

Style Tip: Enjoy your spring outing with our Via Natural flat sandal. The tassel detail and the open-toe slip style give this pair a unique boho natural vibe. 

Human Shoes offers an extensive range of sandals, heels, espadrilles, sneakers, and more. Browse through our collections to find your favourite pair of shoes for this spring season.